August Variety Challenge 1-15th: Slow and steady wins the race: Up to no. 4


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I decided to make the begining of this month a very slow scrap......I will come back every 3 days and post a new piece of the layout puzzle. Ending with a completed layout.... Let's start:

Day 1: 5 Papers layered Pieces or whole papers but only five!!!!
Day2: 4 Different elements. I want to see 4 elements....if its a branch with leaves its ever the designer made
the element is one!!! ONLY 4.
Day 3: 3 stitches.
Day 4: 2 frames. By now you should have figured out my madness. :)
Last day: One photo.
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Let me see if I have this right: I am supposed to come up with 5 papers and then 4 elements....can I move them around after I put them on the page?


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Geez- the Olympics have addled my brain- I thought I'd uploaded the first two steps. Not so. So here I am. Now I'll work on the next pages to catch up. I am using the August Collab kit : The Ballgame.

Step 1: 5 papers/ pieces:

Step 2: 4 different elements:
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My next two steps:
Step 3: added 3 stitches- page border by SCD, small red box under flowers by DGD, and green line stitches by SCD all from The Ballgame Collab

Step 4: Added 2 frames created by me using paper by SCD in The Ballgame Collab

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Final page- Added one photo, plus an extra -I added one alpha letter ( by LAlexis, and journalling (font- Problem Secretary.

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