April TTNRH Challenge

Discussion in 'Things That Never Really Happened Challenge' started by LisaAdmin, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. LisaAdmin

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    Here is this month's photo.
    "Gloria just KNEW that she had the perfect Easter bonnet"
    Create a page with the provided photo, post it in the TTNRH gallery and this thread. Participants receive a PDW point and bonus from me!
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    very interesting photo, will see what I can come up with
  4. Romajo

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    In the village I grew up in, there's an annual 'Rooster Day' (because the shield has 3 roosters in it).
    They also have an Egg Queen and Egg Princess.
    Looks like 'Gloria' has been the queen one day… ;) (I have been the queen 25 years ago as well...).
  5. Tbear

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    Any photos/scrap page with your winning the Egg Queen event?
  6. Tbear

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    OMG that TTNRH photo!!! At last...someone who looks worse than I do in a hat :D
  7. Romajo

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    It isn't a contest, it is an annual event. They choose a queen and princess. And they will be the host/representives of the village.
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