April Desktop Challenge


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Come join us in our newest challenge :) Decorate your desktop.
1. I provide a template.
2. Change it up, or use as is to create a monthly Desktop jpg.
3. Wrappers -- 1 wrapper for challenge participating and 1 wrapper for using all PDW products on the layout!

There are 3 sizes: 1024x768, 1280x800, and 1920x1080. The calendar has 2 choices- Sunday start, or Monday start.
scd-desktopch-April-PSD copy.jpg
or you can download it here.
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Thanks Lisa. I've never made one of these before - first time for a lot of things this year!


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Awesome challenge and template! I didn't find a "Desktop" tag so I used challenges. Here's mine
April calendar.jpg


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@LisaAdmin created a new Challenge Gallery for these desktops, so if you want to move yours over, you can go to your desktop in the gallery, click edit, and choose Desktop and it will put it there.