April 2: Once Upon a Time


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International Children's Book Day: What is your favorite book for kids? Mine is the Amelia Bedilia series :)

National Love our Children Day: I think everyone noticed that Texas only loved them for one day :needair:and we are making up for it. There are probably a few more of these days scattered through the month.

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day: I have had PB&J for the last 20 plus years. I am NOT a lover of it, but I will celebrate the day by making sandwiches at lunch... the kids will rejoice.

Reconciliation Day: I am certainly reconciled with the PB&J today.:kickme:

World Autism Day: Many of you may not know, but one of my daughters is on the "autism spectrum". My hats off to fellow mothers as we deal with the day to day trials, tribulations, tears and over all love we have for our special children.
It is Monday again!! and into April we go. Watch for the challenges that we put up. You can earn points to get GC to the store by participating in the challenges.


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Book day is book day everyday around our house. Our kids Love to read.
Not a fan of PB and J either lol. Had to much of it as a kid.

Oh my gosh Lisa that project looks so stinking cute. Love it! Have fun making it. :)


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I actually finished that diaper motorcycle and delivered it. YAY for me! It turned out even cuter in real life, and not as hard as it could have been. 2 more points. I will definitely make that one again. Good thing, since I have another friend having a baby next month!