A Frog among you


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I am pleased that you accepted my request ... I can say that the work you do rejoind my "tastes" of tags creations, timeline, and other ... I hope that the work I do, will please you ... I'll do a quick overview, to see how you run (you work) ... and I will also introduce myself ...

Again, Thank you to have accepted my subscription

I am a French Canadian from Quebec. I am with my husband for 37 years.
Both have been married before we met ... we "tested" us for two years ...
It seems that we did not understand the first time, because we were
married for 35 years in June 2019

I PSP'ing for over 20 years ... I am a true addict cute frogs - thence my nick
name FroggyCelineT. Unknowingly, I was creating scrapbook pages I was
creating my own backgound, added a frame and inserted the photo inside the
frame ... I create all my tags, my "animated tags", labels, timeline (Facebook),
my wallpapers...

I am a member of CT (creative team) for Scrap'Angie,BellisimaD and Kastagnette. I have not
worked much lately, I had problems with my two kidneys, they blocked. I had an
emergency surgery. I feel better now. I see a neurologist for my migraines, and
my loss of balance too, it is why I have not worked a lot.

Voilà who I am!


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