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Today is always a day that brings sorrow to my heart. They said it has been 18 years. I swear it was just yesterday.


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Yeah, me too. We were on our 2nd day of vacation on the west coast. So shocking and horrible to see it on the motel TVs.
Took us the rest of our vacation to find a rental car and drive all the way back to Indiana.


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Me too...I still remember that day and the fear that I had..for one thing our son was stationed in Korea and we tried and tried to contact him thru his cell phone but could not reach him....we didn't know if they were going to attack bases also or what might happen...this Mama was never so thankful as when I heard from him and he was okay.


I run with Scissors
We were actually in BWI Airport waiting to fly to my mother's in FL when the first plane hit...needless to say, we did not fly to FL.


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Even here in Holland we were in shock.
But even though it is our history (like in 'we lived when it happened'), it's hard to believe that my daughter had to learn about this recent history from her history book...