variety pack challenge

  1. Kimberly Stewart

    VP #2 - February 16 – 28, 2018

    Well, I had originally planned to do a font challenge but while I was sick and in bed for a week, I had time to think about it more. I am still going to include fonts because I LOVE fonts! I am not sure what this "challenge" is actually called or if it even has a name but I am going to call it...
  2. Kimberly Stewart

    VP #2 November – 4x6 inch Recipe Card Challenge!

    This Variety Pack Challenge is a 4x6 inch Recipe Card Challenge. This does not have to be a holiday related recipe. Just choose your GO TO recipe that people always ask you to bring to a pot luck or rave about when you create it! Be sure to read ALL of the instructions! :) Your challenge...
  3. Kimberly Stewart

    VP #1 August – 5 Random Facts about Me!

    Your challenge, should you accept it: 1. Use 5 photos of you or photos that represent your 5 random facts on your layout. 2. List or journal 5 random facts about you on your layout. 3. Use at least 5 papers on your layout. 4. Use at least 5 elements on your layout. 5. Must use the...