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  1. Sami Brown

    Tracking for Sami

    Here we go.... Scraplift that layout Jan 1-15th +pdw January Piece Wrapping. +pdw JANUARY 2012 - White Space Challenge! +pdw Journal Me This Challenge +pdw Wrap your facebook +PDW
  2. Sami Brown

    May 14, 2010

    I found this layout and it just jumped at me. I challenge each of you to find at least 1 layout that jumps out at you! Just one how hard could it be. Here is my 1 but I am sure I will find others.
  3. Sami Brown

    More Help!

    I need help! How do I make my blog link say blog instead of http... I have been told how to do it before but have never really understood. Can anyone please make a tut for this cause I am sure I am not the only one who has this problem? Thank you! :fairy::fairy::fairy::fairy::fairy:
  4. Sami Brown

    Blinkie Help

    How do you put a blinkie in your Sig? Can we get a tut for that? Thanks!