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  1. Phloxy

    Variety Pack Challenge #2 - October 19

    Hi there! Hope all is well in your world? While Halloween isn't as big here in Australia as it is in the US, todays kids are loving the tradition & people are starting to embrace the "trick or treating"! So... for this challenge, I'd love to see how you celebrate Halloween! If you...
  2. Phloxy

    Phloxy's 2019 Challenge Tracking!

    May 2019 Template Challenge All I Could by Southern Creek Designs
  3. Phloxy

    February 17 - Quote Challenge! Happy Birthday!

    Hello there everyone! It's my birthday month so I thought I'd get you all thinking about birthday quotes! So Find yourself a quote about birthdays, create a layout, (using all PDW kits gets you an extra wrapper!) and then show us all in this thread & also in the quote challenge gallery! It's...
  4. Phloxy

    January 17 - Quote Challenge - It's getting cold!

    lol - well... actually for me it's getting hotter! - we finally seem to have summer & I am loving it! However, this month, I know many of you are getting colder so I'd love to see all your Winter quotes - I know there are a gazillion so show me your fav teamed up with some gorgeous winter...
  5. Phloxy

    December 16 Quote Challenge - Jingle all the Way!

    Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! 24 sleeps to go or so my 8yo tells me! This month I'd love to see your quotes as a line from a Christmas Carol! So easy peezy.. Create your beautiful Christmas layout, post it in the Quote Challenge Gallery & then come back in here & show us! Don't forget to keep...
  6. Phloxy

    November 16 - Quote Challenge

    Hi all! How's life in your part of the world? Mine is getting very hectic with only 5 weeks of school left and lots & lots of things going on between now & Christmas! This month I'd love to see your "Thankful" quotes! Find a quote that expresses how you are thankful & scrap it. :) A $3...
  7. Phloxy

    October 16 Quote Challenge

    Here we are again at the beginning of a new month! This month I thought I'd try something a little different again. Given that this is the month of Halloween, I'd like you to pick out a Halloween style quote and scrap a layout using your chosen quote. :) Here's a link to Quote Garden who have...
  8. Phloxy

    LOTW - Aug 26th - Sept 1st!

    This week I have chosen a beautiful colourful layout with a gorgeous photo! Congrats to Shaunna for her fabulous layout!][/URL]
  9. Phloxy

    September 16 - Quote Challenge!

    Hi there! It's the first day of spring here in Australia & I'm really looking forward to some warmer weather. :) Now, I apologise in advance, as I'm going to get you to pick your own quote again this month. We have just moved home and all chaos has broken loose here and life has been a bit...
  10. Phloxy

    LOTW 19th - 25th August 16

    I really loved this layout because of the large beautiful photo taken at a magical time of day when the lighting is superb and all the country side just seems to be peaceful and perfect. I also really loved reading the journaling that Wombat146 has written. Congrats wombat146. :)
  11. Phloxy

    LOTW Aug 12th - 18th

    This week I am loving this awesome layout by Barbaraj. I love the photo, the quote & the little speech bubbles that make up this beautiful layout "He Listens" :)
  12. Phloxy

    LOTW August 5th - 11th

    Hello! This week I thought this beautiful layout from Tissie12 was just gorgeous - I love the soft colours & the beautiful photo! Congrats!
  13. Phloxy

    LOTW July 29th - August 4th

    Hello! It's my turn to oogle over all the beautiful layouts for August! This week I've chosen this fabulous layout "Fire truck" by mommadorian. I love the cute elements from Charly Renays kit 911 and the lovely photo of the beautiful old Fire Truck looks awesome on the orange paper. Congrats...
  14. Phloxy

    August 16 - Pick your Quote!

    Hello & welcome back to the August Quote Challenge! This month I am making your challenge super duper easy. I 'd like you to pick your own! OR You can use the one I have chosen... "Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend." Bill Watterson Instead of giving you a quote...
  15. Phloxy

    July 16 - Quote Challenge - Vacation Time!

    Hello there! Welcome to Julys Challenge all about taking a vacation! It's the middle of winter here but at present we have school holidays for another week or so, the perfect time to get away! So here's the low down. Download the quotes by clicking on the preview. :) Scrap your layout...
  16. Phloxy

    June 16 _ Quote Challenge - All about June!

    Hello there! It's lovely to be back in our new forum. This month, Jo (lebjs) Digital Stylations, is hosting the quote challenge for you as I am taking the month off to get a few things achieved around the house - wish me luck! lol! Jo has given you some beautiful word art all about the...
  17. Phloxy

    May 16 - Quote Challenge - Celebrating Scrapping!

    Hello! Here we are again, another fresh month! I thought it would be nice to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day all month, so I have found 2 quotes and 2 hashtags from 4 of the Scrapbooking industry Icons! Just click the preview for your download! Here's the details... Download the quotes...
  18. Phloxy

    April 16 - Quote Challenge - Spring or Autumn?

    Hi there! Is it Spring or Autumn where you live? It's time to scrap some pretty layouts for the turn of the seasons! It's Autumn for me here in Australia, so I have included an Autumn quote for those who would like to scrap the Autumn. :) So the idea is.. click the preview bellow to get your...
  19. Phloxy

    March 16 - Quote Challenge - It's all about the Luck!

    Hello! March is here & we welcome St Patricks Day and Easter this month! I have chosen to focus on some Luck for our Quote challenge and while there are lots of quotes on luck etc, I was lucky enough to (lol) to find a few that I thought may be good to scrap! The third quote, "Good things...
  20. Phloxy

    February 16 Quote challenge - Loving you! <3

    Hello! It's February and time for another quote challenge! This month is all about Love... Who's your Valentine? I've given you four quotes... well one is just the good ole I love you but very important! And yes, I am a Twilight fan, (Go team Edward!! lol!) so I had to include the quote...