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  1. Phloxy

    Variety Pack Challenge #2 - October 19

    It sounds like the perfect family tradition & a very fun way to spend Halloween! Hope the corn maze isn't too hard or scary? (I think I've seen too many horror movies in my time! hahah lol!) Looks like you found a few fabulous pumpkins that day! Love the laughing pumpkin too - he's cute...
  2. Phloxy

    Variety Pack Challenge #2 - October 19

    LOVE it! Totally scared!! - How cool & awesome is this pumpkin, I bet they were so proud of their work? Have they asked to do it again this year? This is a fabulous tradition to start with them, thankyou so much @lou for sharing your Halloween with me! Have fun next week!
  3. Phloxy

    Variety Pack Challenge #2 - October 19

    Oh My Gosh!!! @G.J. - Grace you have made my day! That is the most sweetest, adorable & cutest "SCARY" halloween face ever! <3 Did your pupster get to eat those amazing cupcakes? I love both the photos - capturing dogs like that is an art form! Capturing food is too - that's a great shot...
  4. Phloxy

    Variety Pack Challenge #2 - October 19

    Hiya Gorgeous! How awesome are you! Love that "Cat" is in the Spotlight! How did you do that? OMG, yes... you know I Love that font and yep, still watching those movies! (reread the books again a while back but that's another tory! lol!) We must catch up soon! Thankyou @lebjs for playing...
  5. Phloxy

    October 2019 Siggy Challenge

    Ok - FINALLY - I have changed my sig. LOL! I've gone with the halloween theme!
  6. Phloxy

    Variety Pack Challenge #2 - October 19

    Ok, Linda, you need to tell me, is that a real person or statue? :) lol! Love all the angles on this & the colours are awesome! Love it... "If you have it, Haunt it". Classic! I am still giggling! Thankyou so much for making me smile - a lot - today! :) @Windswept
  7. Phloxy

    Variety Pack Challenge #2 - October 19

    This is brilliant! My theory... you are never too old to have fun! lol! How long do you have your decorations up for? Seriously, if I tried to carve a pumpkin like that, I would be making soup (and a HUGE mess!) quicker than than you can say Boo! Love your layout, that pumpkin over lay is...
  8. Phloxy

    Variety Pack Challenge #2 - October 19

    Awesome! I love M&M's - I first tasted them in the US way back in 1984 - we had only just got the plain ones here in Australia just before I went overseas. I brought back the hugest bag of Peanut M&M's for my Grandma. She loved them & luckily we got them as well soon after. We have a...
  9. Phloxy

    Variety Pack Challenge #2 - October 19

    This is just too adorable! Even with awesome scary scrapping elements around them, they are just way too much fun! Glad to see that Halloween extends to the 4 legged as well as the two in your household! I bet they get the best candy! Thankyou so much for playing along with me Tbear!
  10. Phloxy

    Variety Pack Challenge #2 - October 19

    Oh my gosh.. I loved reading all about your halloween stories growing up! Thankyou so much for sharing & I'm also a BIG believer in "careful what you wish for!" At least Merlins dragon looks friendly?
  11. Phloxy

    Variety Pack Challenge #2 - October 19

    Hi there! Hope all is well in your world? While Halloween isn't as big here in Australia as it is in the US, todays kids are loving the tradition & people are starting to embrace the "trick or treating"! So... for this challenge, I'd love to see how you celebrate Halloween! If you...
  12. Phloxy

    Phloxy's 2019 Challenge Tracking!

    SEPTEMBER 2019. Camera Wrapping Template Challenge Quote Challenge One Little Word Lyric Challenge - Variety Pack 2
  13. Phloxy

    Phloxy's 2019 Challenge Tracking!

    AUGUST 2019. - 2 points! - Yay! Template Challenge Wrapping in Colour
  14. Phloxy

    VP#2 Challenge September 2019 – LYRIC

    Hi Jo - Love a good Lyric challenge! Thankyou - you are a goddess! - PS - I still suck at selfies!
  15. Phloxy

    September Camera Challenge 2019

    Hi Sandy, Thankyou so much for this challenge... love editing things out of the norm!
  16. Phloxy

    One Little Word - September - Learn

    Thankyou for this fun challenge!! Here's mine.
  17. Phloxy

    September 2019 Quote Challenge

    Thankyou Becki for another fab challenge! :) Here's mine!
  18. Phloxy

    Template Challenge- September 2019

    Heres mine! Thankyou so much Lisa for this awesome template! ❤
  19. Phloxy

    August 2019 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Thankyou Kimberly for the awesome colour swatch.. they matched perfectly with the cushion & our dog! LOL!
  20. Phloxy

    Template Challenge- August 2019

    Here's Mine :) ;) Thankyou Lisa for the Fab template too!