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  1. manda lane

    Amanda's (manda lane) 2019 Tracking Thread

    January 2019 Points Carrying Over 0 1. Siggy challenge (all PDW): Happy Birthday January 2019 Siggy 2 pt
  2. manda lane

    Siggy Challenge - January 2019

    I really needed to update my siggy, so thank you for this challenge! I used my newest kit, Happy Birthday, to celebrate my new age (35 as of the 1st). :)
  3. manda lane

    Happy Birthday, Joyce! :)

    Happy Birthday, Joyce! :)
  4. manda lane

    VP #1 January 2019 - Connect 4

    Hey hey everyone! I am so excited about this challenge because this is my birthday week and I'll be doing lots of fun stuff with my Manda Lane Scraps Store and Facebook! For this challenge, we'll be doing a Connect 4 challenge. Just pick a line (up and down, across, diagonal) of four blocks...