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  1. stater

    December 13

    The only time I'm not sober is when a doctor has knocked me out with some drug. At that point there is no way I can do what I do sober. Ha....
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    December Camera Challenge

  3. stater

    Good Morning 12-11-19

    Put some coal in their stockings, Lisa. See how they like that. LOL
  4. stater

    SugarPlum Wishes by Pixie Glitter Designs

    Thanks so much!
  5. stater

    Good Morning 12-10-19

    Been a raining day here so I've been inside do things like unloaded the dishwasher. Now isn't that just thrilling, ladies? LOL
  6. stater

    Template Challenge-December 2019

  7. stater

    Good Morning! 12-9-19

    I always start early because I can't stand the crowds.
  8. stater

    December Mood Board Challenge

    I was inspired by the nutcracker, tree, snowman & the over all Christmas theme.
  9. stater


    Thanks so much.
  10. stater

    Good Morning 12-6-19

    And don't forget gravity.
  11. stater

    December 2nd forum freebie from the Talk Turkey

    The Happy Place freebie was never posted.
  12. stater

    Good Morning 12-4-19

    I have a severe sleep disorder so I always get less than 6 hours. Been like this since I was very young & often wonder how long one can live like this.
  13. stater

    Stater 2019

    DECEMBER Starting off with 18 points. Siggy Challenge: 18 points + 2 points = 20 points. Wrapping in Color Challenge: 0 points + 2 points = 2 points. Mood Board Challenge: 2 points + 2 points = 4 points. Template Challenge: 4 points +2 points = 6 points. TTNRH Challenge: 6 points + 2...
  14. stater

    December 2019 Siggy Challenge

    Here's mine:
  15. stater

    November 29

    Ha... definitely my problem.
  16. stater

    Happy Black Friday!

  17. stater

    Timeless Memories

    Thanks so much.