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    Scrpncrzy count

    July 2013 variety challenge: 2pts
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    Thankful life not just for November

    I am always reminded this time of year that I need to be more Thankful. I don't say Thank you enough to those that do something for me. I could say thank you a thousand times a day to those that do the little things for me. And maybe I should....My challenge for you is to be thankful in your...
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    OCT Variety challenge no. 1 ""Feed me Seymore""

    Crazy challenge this month. Find a cookbook (don't care where, use the web, use Amazon Kindle lots of free ones, or dig one out of the cupboard.) Make a new treat for your family, friends, neighbors......take lots of pictures and scrap a page about the process.....did it work? was it yummy...
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    Sept challenge one: Will someone tell me where summer went?

    I am totally missing August......I don't have kids so no back to school ramping up for me and my hubby. We are finally working on adoption paperwork.....:fairy: So for this challenge: Go leave love in the gallery!!!! I would love to see 10 new comments. I will give you two wrapper points...
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    August Variety Challenge 1-15th: Slow and steady wins the race: Up to no. 4

    I decided to make the begining of this month a very slow scrap......I will come back every 3 days and post a new piece of the layout puzzle. Ending with a completed layout.... Let's start: Day 1: 5 Papers layered Pieces or whole papers but only five!!!! Day2: 4 Different elements. I...
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    July 1st-15th Honoring Crzwsquaw: Font Challenge

    Becki told a little birdie she loves a font challenge!!! I am out of ideas since it is soooo hot out :ice: So will surfing the net I found this amazing Summer font. So the challenge is to make a layout using this fun summer font. Best of...
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    June 1st-15th Create your own paper with overlays and stamps

    Since this is a creation challenge you can have till the end of the month to try to make your own paper. If only I had a paper that had ___________. Every had that sinking feeling that the perfect paper just isn’t there, and then spend an hour or more online to find something that will...
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    MAY 17th-31st

    Crazy week here. We have two people on vacation this week and since there are only 4 of us it makes for a crazy week. Anyway its May and tornado season here in Kansas. Since the April showers have brought the May flowers already....I am ready to see some of the storm. I have amamzing...
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    May 1st- May15th

    April showers bring May flowers. I love spring and flowers in their natural habitat.....I have a brown thumb but I do appreciate those that can grow them. My challenge this month is one of multiple elements. I want to see some flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty, adorable, stunning and lots...
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    April 15th - end of April: Show me some money theme

    Today is April 15th and in the United States it is tax day. I always do our taxes in Jan since we have it set to get a refund. But I always hate the feeling of filling out the tax forms. So show me the money!!!!! I want to see a layout about any theme, version, style or thought...
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    April 1st -15th April Showers

    Its finally April!!!! In Kansas April brings monsoon season. It rained all 7 days last week and nearly 5 inches fell here. But as the quote goes: April showers bring May flowers. This variety challenge I am sharing one of my favorite free actions. I love the look of rainy day photos...
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    March 15th-30th Receipe one two three

    Let's cook up a little layout this month. 1- word title 2- photos 3-papers 4- ribbons or stitches 5-flowers that's it. Easy peasy!!!!
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    March 1-15th Challenge: Lucky you

    Lucky you!!!! Reply to this thread and earn yourself 2 wrappers. I am in a crazy mood, and so behind this month after buying hubby a new car. :coffee:
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    The color of love February 15th-March 1st

    This is the month of love. I am not usually a fan of pink and pink/purple combos, but I am a sucker for pink this one month only. So my challenge for you is to create a layout only using the colors provided below. There are about a dozen kits in the store to play with. Your theme can be...
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    I love you let me count the ways. Feb 1-15th challenge

    In honor of Valentine's day this first challenge is to show me what you love. You can show me anything that you love, be it animal, vegetable, or mineral. My twist for this challenge is that you must say "I love you" in atleast five different languages. The digital world is an international...
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    Wrapping for Kerry

    Variety one: Variety two: Piece Wrapping...
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    Wrap your facebook Jan 15th-31st

    With all of the new Facebook timeline changes, we can now "wrap" our own cover photo (header). I have seen several fun new headers that stores do and now you can do a fancy header too. PDW is having a Wrap your Facebook challenge for our second variety challenge for January. Scraps of Candy...
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    Scraplift that layout Jan 1-15th.

    Happy New Year!! :fairy: PDW is begining all new variety challenges this year. I am here to bring you the first of many challenges to get you thinking outside of your plain digital box. Let's start the new year off with alittle inspiration and scraplift this adorable layout from our own...
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    scrpncrzy wrappers (example post)

    Begining wrapper count : 0 Variety challegne 1: link to layout in gallery 1pt + bonus all PDW Variety challenge 2: link to layout in gallery 1pt Challenge 1: link to gallery layout 1pt + bonus all PDW challenge 2: link to gallery layout 1 pt + bonus all PDW challenge 3: link to...