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  1. AlyciaIN

    AlyciaIN 2020 Challenge Tracking

    January 2020 Siggy Challenge 1/2020 2 points (all PDW) Wrapping in Color Challenge 1/2020 2 points (all PDW)...
  2. AlyciaIN

    Wish List Display Issue

    Is anyone else having a problem displaying their Wish List? Mine is displayed so far to the left of my web page that it's unreadable and unusable anymore. Not sure what the problem is. None of the other web pages on the site have this problem, only my Wish List. Any suggestions would be much...
  3. AlyciaIN

    AlyciaIN 2019 Challenge Tracking

    January 2019 Wrapping in Color Challenge 1/2019 2 points (all PDW) Siggy Challenge 1/2019 2 points (all PDW)...
  4. AlyciaIN

    Photo Upload question

    I've uploaded 2 photos today. When I try to upload a 3rd photo, I get an error message indicating that I've exceeded my 5 photo maximum for the day. Please let me know how to continue to upload photos. Thanks, Alycia
  5. AlyciaIN

    AlyciaIN Challenge Tracking 2018

    January Beginning Wrapper count: 0 (newbie) Wrapping in Color 1/2018 2 points (all PDW) January Total Points = 2