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  1. mrscwooddell

    Any Planner Babes here?

    I hope so! I created this fun set of digital planner stickers to match the wonderful Honoring Heroes Collab kit from the Plain Digital Design Team this month! Download here I used of few of them here on my planner page: Along with the Honoring Heroes Collab Kit! Find the kit here...
  2. mrscwooddell

    NSD - Template Challenge

    Join me to scrap your art out! No really, I want to see what your hobbies are! Do you sew, scrapbook only, paint, draw, make music, garden, or what? The challenge should you accept it today is to scrap a page with this template of your art/hobbies! You can flip it, turn it, or reverse it if you...
  3. mrscwooddell

    Bonus: Valentine's Day Challenge

    Happy Valentine's Day! I have a fun template I made to challenge you all to scrap your loves on this day, whether it be people, pets, food, books, movies, etc. Just scrap it! Use my template here: {Click Image to download} Or click here. It comes with a choice of the Word "Loves" or "Love"...
  4. mrscwooddell

    Claudette 2019 Tracking

    January 2019 Signature Challenge: 2 Wrappers
  5. mrscwooddell

    BOO!!Halloween Flair For You!

    Just a fun set of flair I made while playing on my pc this weekend... Enjoy! :)
  6. mrscwooddell

    DSD Wish Big!!!

    YAY!!!! It's DSD and I want you to WISH BIG! :D Stop by my Digital Gator Designs shop here and post some of your wishes in the thread! I will draw some lucky winners from the thread and grant them their wishes! Each comment should only have one wish per person! (but you can comment more than...
  7. mrscwooddell

    Happy {inter}National Scrapbook Day!~

    We are having a blast today and I hope you are too! Here is an extra freebie I made for those of you who came by to say hi! ;) Click here to download. :cool:
  8. mrscwooddell

    Saturday Night Movie...

    What have you watched lately? I just watched Collateral Beauty with Will Smith....very sad, but interesting movie...with a twist at the end... NOT giving any Tell me what yall are watching?
  9. mrscwooddell

    One More Stop Along the Hop...

    How about some fun alphas in all the colors to match the hop kits? I made 12 Upper Case Alpha Sets for you. They are all uppers because adulting can be such a Here they are and the links are under the image. DOWNLOAD 1 DOWNLOAD 2 DOWNLOAD 3 DOWNLOAD 4 Please enjoy them and...
  10. mrscwooddell

    Planner Printable: Sweet Treats Collab Stickers

    On my facebook page!
  11. mrscwooddell

    Saturday Chatter? Anyone...? (jan 28th)

    How about a quick challenge? Go to the Swatch it Saturday and leave a comment about the color palette, then grab some goodies from your stash and make a page or a mini kit or whatever flavors your vodka to show it off! Here is the blog post...
  12. mrscwooddell

    QOTD? Do you use a planner or agenda?

    Do you use a planner, agenda, journal? IF so what kind of fun stuff do yo put in yours? Show us fun pics too! :D
  13. mrscwooddell

    VP Challenge #2 December

    December 15th VP Challenge: "Year in Review Challenge" Posting early since the holidays will get to us if we don't watch out! LOL :) Click image to download .PSD file. Click here to grab the .PNG files. Click here for the tiff file Here are the requirements that must be met: 1. Use at least...
  14. mrscwooddell

    October VP Challenge #1 - Facebook Cover Template

    October 1st, VP Challenge #1- Facebook Cover Photo Template Come join in for the month and scrap yourself an adorable timeline cover pic for your facebook! If you love Halloween like I do you probably have lots of great pics to add to this month's challenge template. But for those who don't...
  15. mrscwooddell

    Festive 4th Freebie on my facebook page!

    Check out Digital Gator Designs Facebook page for Exclusive Freebie today!
  16. mrscwooddell

    Variety Pack June 1st: Scrap Your Desktop Screen

    Or any other screen you look at frequently like your phone or tablets. This is my template for you to use, feel free to edit it to your style and liking! Click image to download files. Available in Tiff, and PSD. I made this page with it. I used June Designer Collab kit called "Staycation" for...
  17. mrscwooddell

    Variety Pack #1 Challenge for January 2016 - Desktop With a Twist on Top

    Your challenge this month is to create a desktop with these elements on it: 1. Your weather - Be it winter or summer where you are... 2. Something that makes you smile. (could be a photo of it, or a doodle, or an element) 3. Your One Little Word for the year if you do this, if not just...
  18. mrscwooddell

    VP Challenge #2 - Desktop With a Twist on Top - Dec. 15-31, 2015

    December 15th VP challenge will be a "Desktop with a Twist on Top" Since we only have 16 more days left of this year lets get busy and make a desktop for your pc/laptop/phone/tablet that has these 3 things on it: 1. January 2016 Calendar, 2. A list of goals/resolutions for the year, 3. At...
  19. mrscwooddell

    VP Challenge #2 -- Recipe Scrappin!

    November Variety Pack Challenge #3 - Digital Recipe Wrapping! I know we are all going to be busy for the next two months cooking and eating and shopping so I thought a quick recipe share would be fun. Your challenge is to create a page or card with a recipe on it of some type of food. You...
  20. mrscwooddell

    Working on my Holiday Goodies!

    Found these desktops that I made for my pc for December. Going to share them with you so you will have time to add your photos and use them! :) Enjoy! Claudette :flirty: