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    May Camera Wrapping

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    tinkerbell1112's 2020 Challenge tracking

    May: Starting 8 Quote +1 (+1 all PDW product) Camera Wrapping +1 (+1 all PDW product) Running Total: 12
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    May Quote Challenge

    Thanks for the challenge
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    Tic Tac Toe Challenge

    I did upper left corner (3 papers) to lower right (1 photo)
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    April 2020 Siggy Challenge

    needed to freshen up my signature :) Happy spring!
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    tinkerbell1112's 2020 Challenge tracking

    Starting April with 4 +1 for One Little Word +1 for all PDW products +1 for Signature +1 for all PDW products Running Total: 8
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    One Little Word - April 2020 - Calm

    Thank you so much for the word art. I absolutely love it! I used it to document a bear hunt our neighborhood hosted for the kids to do during the second week we were all shut in here
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    March 2020 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    I thought they looked like the right colors, but the more I compare them to others I'm not so sure....You be the judge...
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    March 2020 Digi Lovin'

    We'll see if my month is better than the last one! Number of comments: 261
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    2020 Camera Wrapping January

    I thought it would be hard to choose just one picture, but there's very few of the 4 of us, and it HAS to be one of my family, so it was narrowed down pretty quickly :)
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    Jan 2020 Quote Challenge

    thank you!
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    Jan 2020 Digi Lovin'

    starting: 243 as of 1/5: 261
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    tinkerbell1112's 2020 Challenge tracking

    January 2020 starting: 0 +1 for quote challenge +1 for all PDW +1 for camera wrapping +1 for all PDW running total: 4
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    tinkerbell1112's 2019 Challenge tracking

    Starting Dec with 18 +1 for Template +1 bonus for all PDW running total: 20
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    Template Challenge-December 2019

    love this template! thank you so much!!