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    One Little Word - January 2020 - Chill
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    Jan 2020 Digi Lovin'

    HAPPY 2020!! Starting with 193 Ending at 209 Thanks for the reminder @crazsquaw Where did January go?!!
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    Tedasgram 2019 Challenge Tracking

    Happy New Year to you too Becki!! @crazsquaw . I started my new thread yesterday :)
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    Tedasgram's Tracker 2020!!

    JANUARY 2020! Now that I am retired, I hope I can add points every month!! Carried from 2019 - 13 POINTS 1. Wrapping in Color - 2 POINTS 2. One Little Word -...
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    Tedasgram 2019 Challenge Tracking

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    December 2nd forum freebie from the Talk Turkey

    Just getting back her to grab the missing link and I'm getting a "cannot be found" error. @LisaAdmin Did I miss it?
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    November 2019 - Wrapping in Color Challenge
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    Template Challenge- November 2019

    Thank you for the great template!!
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    Tedasgram 2019 Challenge Tracking

    Points Forward from August 2019 - 10 Points Mood Board - FOR 1 POINT 1. Wrapping in Color - 2. One Little Word - 3. Quote Challenge - 4. Template Challenge -...
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    November Mood Board! My inspiration for this layout was the snow, the peacefulness I felt seeing the deer and the knitted elements on the board. It was an awesome mood board!
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    November Digi Lovin'

    Starting November - 176 Amazing layouts so far this month! Ending with 193 (11-22)
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    VP #1- November 2019

    I LOVE enamel elements & pins!! This is awesome. I shall have to see what I have from PDW designers with enamels. This is a cute layout!
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    DSD Recipe Challenge

    WOOHOO...SO AWESOME!! Thank you!!
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    DSD Recipe Challenge

    Awesome recipe, thanks!
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    Freebies from FranB!

    Love them all!! Thank you!