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    November 2020 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Doggie Laughed - Gallery (
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    Tedasgram's Tracker 2020!!

    November - 1 POINTS Wrapping in Color - = 2 points
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    October 2020 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Thanks for the awesome fall colors!
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    Copper Swirl Overlay Freebie!

    Beautiful!!! Thanks so much
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    Tedasgram's Tracker 2020!!

    October - 0 POINTS Wrapping In Color - = 1 point
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    One Little Word - September - Skills
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    September 2020 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Loved the colors, thanks for the fun challenge and the sweet gift.
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    VP #2 SEPTEMBER 2020 - White Space

    Thank you so much!!!
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    VP #2 SEPTEMBER 2020 - White Space

    Thank you so much, I love these types of challenges, Sylvia is my favorite white space artist. I have saved so many of her layouts. I used one of hers for my page. I got my page done, went to the store for the kit link and this kit isn't here. UGH lol I am putting it here to remind myself to...
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    Tedasgram's Tracker 2020!!

    WOW September already!! September 2020 - 8 POINTS Template Challenge - = 2 points Siggy Challenge -...
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    September 2020 Siggy Challenge

    I chose Sept 22nd - Elephant Appreciation Day. My Spirit Animal. ☺
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    September VP #1 - Playing With Gradients/Inspiration Image

    I have to figure out if I can get this effect in Artisan...hmmm. Thank you @Elizabeth Weaver, I played! I played with gradients in Artisan, although I couldn't do anything with the photo itself I created this page using gradients and found something I had never done before. So win, win, in my...
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    Template Challenge- September 2020
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    August 2020 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    I had fun with this layout. I just went to my Kimberly Stewart stash and went through almost every kit and picked out things from several and put it all together. It was very different for me but it was refreshing! Thanks for the awesome colors...
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    Tedasgram's Tracker 2020!!

    AUGUST begins with 6 POINTS Wrapping in Color - - 2 points