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    Good Morning 1-23-2020

    Yesterday while grocery shopping a lady asked me what the day's date was. I responded the 22nd...hmmm. Good thing she didn't ask me what year it was...huh? :rolleyes:
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    Good Morning! 1-22-2020

    They don't make bath tubs like that anymore...wish they did. sigh.....
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    Years Ago

    So sad that she is leaving. Thanks for the freebies!
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    Good Morning! 1-20-2020

    I can share one of those great things about getting older...your to do lists will still be long... but you won't remember where you put it. :)
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    January 2020 - VP #2

    Photo of DS and DIL this past Christmas. Lucky them...holidays on the Virgin Islands!
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    Good Morning! 1-16-2020

    Oh no don't say that...I got an appointment in a few days. I am dreading it already.
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    Good Morning! 1-17-2020

    Wow...110 is remarkable no matter what shape your body is in!
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    Template Challenge- January 2020

    My photos of different chef items in my kitchen: salt, pepper, mug, large canister and small canister.
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    January 2020 - VP #2

    Happy Birthday! Be back later with a layout.
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    Good Morning! 1-16-2020

    Yikes! Is anyone really awake enough to use an electronic pick at that time???
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    Jan 2020 Quote Challenge

    Photo of my DIL mountain climbing taken by my son.
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    January 2020 Mood Board Challenge

    Inspired by the year 2020, food and the festive colors... Photo of DGD
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    Jan. 2020 VP#1

    Photo of DGSons Here's the sketch I used:
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    Baby New Year!

    Thank you!
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    Good Morning! 1-14-2020

    LOL...oh true on all levels.