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    On Safari

    Love these!
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    Good Morning! 07-13-2020

    Not sure either...but I'm thinkin' it might end in a "y" Hmmmm....
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    July 2020- TTNRH Challenge

    Husk Little Girlie
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    Good Morning! 07-10-2020

    Hey Kermie....chill me a large pitcher of lemonade while you're at it. Temps here close to 95 again!
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    July 10, 2020

    I'm thinking Miss Fortune should have some mighty sore knuckles. :)
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    July VP #1

    Work in Progress If you want the tutorial for pop ups, here's a link to Meryl Bartho's gallery layout that gives you where to find it.
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    Good Morning! 07-09-2020

    St bathroom...been there and even though it's gotta a lot of nude bathing, would not recommend it for the faint of heart or nose. And don't be lured into Porto Gardenas...they actually employ sweat labor there. However...Las Kitchenas has splendid opportunities AND if the chef is sweet and...
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    Summer Fun!

    Thank you!
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    Good Morning! 07-08-2020

    What a hoot!...gotta print this and tape it discreetly next to the dispenser. Oh who am I kidding? Just him and me here...and one of us (who has three college degrees) pretends he doesn't know how to put a new roll on...:rolleyes:
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    July 2020 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Photo of DGD Kate
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    Favorite July 2020 PDW Product Layouts

    You really, really made my day! Thank you!!
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    Good Morning! 07-06-2020

    I didn't get that yoga pants memo :( and I'm not even familiar with what yoga pants look like. I'm thinking...something you can twist into all kinds of really awkward positions and they still are able to breathe.
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    July Quote Challenge

    Quote by Dr. Dirt (a local TV personality who specialized in gardening. I asked him why some of my zinnias grew taller than others.
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    Template Challenge- July 2020

    Photo of DGS at the pool in his neighborhood.
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    July Quote Challenge

    Oh no!!! We've all been there in one fashion or another and it's like another level of Dante's Inferno. Hope your visit there is short without any butt burns. :eek: