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    May 2019 Camera Wrapping

    Thank you for the challenge. Credits: Lisa Rosa Designs ~ Head Full of Dreams, font ~ Honeysuckle
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    Hi from Brazil

    Welcome, Dhariana!
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    Gives new meaning to bouncing off the walls, huh? Enjoy your Thursday. :)
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    Interesting!! Happy Wednesday everyone.
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    Template Challenge- May 2019

    Thank you for the challenge and the template!!! Credits: Manda Lane Scraps ~ Happy Birthday Bundle, Southern Creek Designs ~ 5May 2019 Template, font ~ Century Gothic
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    Favorite May 2019 PDW Product Layouts

    This layout by Lou is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
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    Quote Challenge- May 2019

    Thank you for the challenge! Credits: Designs by Romajo ~ Celebrating Mothers
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    VP#1 May 2019

    Thank you for the challenge!! Credits: Digital Gator Designs ~ I Love Mom and My Loves Valentine Template, font ~ Casual Brush
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    Tammys_Scrapping 2019 Layouts

    May Siggy - 2 Variety Pack - 2 Quote - 2 Template - 2 Camera - 2 Total Wrappers - 10
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    May 2019 Siggy Challenge

    Thank you for the challenge. :) Credits: Fran B Designs ~ Springtime
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    Tuesday 4-30-19

    Hope you're enjoying your day, Lisa! Hope the messes cleaned up easily, Connie?
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    2019 First Quarter - Layout of the Month

    Congratulations, ladies!!!
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    Favorite April 2019 Layouts

    Love mountains!! Take a hike by biancka.
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    Favorite April 2019 PDW Product Layouts

    I adore this layout from lebjs.
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    April 2019 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Thank you for the challenge. Credits: Marie H Designs ~ Templates Addiction 1 and Sparkle Your Life