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    Good Morning 8-20-19

    That's funny, Tbear! Summer hasn't been all that hot here. I'm calling it our sunless summer. Too many clouds to be summer. Summer, to me, means blue sky, not grey!!!
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    Good Morning 8-14-19

    Hoping to scrap, walk, and just enjoy this sunshiny summer day!!!
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    IMPORTANT! Signature Challenge people!

    Thank you, Lisa!! :)
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    Good Morning 8-8-19

    I'm ignoring my to-do list, also. :D
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    One Little Word - August - Laughter

    Thank you for the word art and the challenge. Credits: Scrappin' Serenity ~ Happy Camper, Elizabeth's Market Cross ~ Laughter Word Art (freebie), Fran B. Designs ~ blog challenge template, font ~ Get Happy Solid
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    Favorite August 2019 Layouts

    This layout made me smile!!! smile by Mother Bear
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    Favorite August 2019 PDW Product Layouts

    This photo is stunning and the layout words make me smile!! Hope in Christ by Windswept
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    August Mood Board Challenge

    Thank you for the challenge. My inspirations are the yellow colored pencils, the flowers, and the word Lord (as the verse is from the Bible). Credits: Marie H Designs ~ Youthful Yellow, Lisa Rosa Designs ~ Delicate Sunburst Templates, font ~ Nathasyia
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    Good Morning! 8-7-19

    Too funny! I like your version Tbear!!
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    August 2019 Siggy Challenge

    I can't change mine, either.
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    August 2019 Siggy Challenge

    Thank you for the challenge. :) Credits: Kimberly Stewart ~ Sunflower Wishes, font ~ DJB Sunflowers for Vincent
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    Good Morning! 8-2-19

    Best wishes on this new step!!! I am SO thankful all of mine are drivers and I don't have to ever do that again!!! Happy Friday!
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    Tammys_Scrapping 2019 Layouts

    August 2019 Quote Challenge - 2 Siggy Challenge - 2 Mood Board Challenge - 2 One Little Word Challenge - 2 Total Wrappers - 16 (Jun/Jul) + 8 = 24
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    Quote Challenge- Aug 2019

    Thank you for the quote word art and the challenge. Credits: Elizabeths Market Cross ~ Cilla 3 Template and Love Grows, Crazsquaw Creations ~ Quote Word Art, font ~ California Love