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    Gallery Standouts: May 17th - May 23rd

    Thanks Chris. I wasn't sure it came across well. Glad it worked for you! :)
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    Gallery Standouts: May 3rd - May 9th

    Thanks Chris! That's the first thing I thought of when I saw those beauties in the WA kit (why they're in the WA pack, I can't say, but...) xox
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    Gallery Standouts: March 29th - April 4th

    TY Chris and Becki. That's very encouraging as I was unsure of both of those LOs! :)
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    Gallery Standouts: March 15th - March 21st

    TY Chris! This GSO is probably better ascribed to Tangie. Her template is incredible. Some stuff is my own, but mostly it's just clipped papers or recolor, with some bits just as they were in the template! :) Glad you liked it xoxx
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    Gallery Standouts: November 30 - December 6th

    Thanks Becki!! I'm late but no less grateful!! xox
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    Gallery Standouts: November 9th - November 15th

    Thanks so much, Mary! What a nice surprise. Glad you liked the page :)
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    Gallery Standouts: October 5th - October 11th

    Thanks Becki -- can't believe I made the cut! So many gorgeous LOs!!
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    Gallery Standouts: September 7th - September 13th

    Thanks Becki! -- Why don't you do the challenge with us and make your own? :) xoxox
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    Gallery Standouts: July 20 - July 26th

    Thanks Lexy :) I'm in stellar company once again. Beautiful LOs ladies!
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    Gallery Standouts: July 13th - July 19th

    Thanks Becki! I'm in stellar company -- fabulous work ladies.
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    Gallery Standouts: June 22nd - June 28th

    TY Becki -- I'm thrilled you loved the LO. I'm in very august company here!! There are some amazing pages in the gallery. Bless you!
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    Gallery Standouts: May 11th - May 17th

    Thanks! So glad you like it. The charity kit's for the new nonprofit I helped create We help older singles, focus on women, who are on the brink of disaster like homelessness. "Lily" is one such case, our first client who lives in Romania.
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    Gallery Standouts: April 6th - April 12th

    Thanks Chris :) You are such a blessing!! xox
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    Gallery Standouts: March 2nd-March 8th

    Wow Chris! Thx :) There are some really special LOs here -- honored to see mine among them! :) xoxox
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    Wrap your facebook Jan 15th-31st

    I got kinda excited about being able to dress my page for the holidays! Thx for the nudge!