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    Variety Pack Challenge June 1 - 15 2018 (Poster Inspiration)

    I was inspired by the boat. My son took this photo in 2010 while on a trip to Maui. Better Luck Next Time I used Just Beachy-The Stuff, Just Beachy-Solid Papers, and Just Beachy-Pattern Paper Pack all by Bubble's Bits.
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    June Camera Wrapping Challenge

    Seven is my number - there are a lot of them in my son's and my own birthdays. Playing Dress-Up I used Just Sweet by Phlox Dragon Designs.
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    Smikeel's 2018 Wrapper Tracking

    June 2018 total starting points: 11 Camera Wrapping - 1+1=2 One Little Word - 1+1=2 Quote Challenge - 1+1=2 Template Challenge TTNRH Wrapping In Color Signature Challenge - 1+1=2 Variety Pack #1 1+1=2 Variety Pack #2 June Total: 10 Total: 21
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    June 2018

    This is my son, and my father. My dad taught my son a lot of things over the years. The Shield I used the Free Word Art (Thank You Lisa!), and Happiness Is both by Southern Creek Designs.
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    Favorite June 2018 PDW Product Layouts

    Thank you!! Great way for me to start my day!
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    June 2018 Digi Love

    June: Begin - June 1st - 1046 End -
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    May 2018 Digi-Lovin'

    Got it - Thanks!
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    Siggy Challenge - June 2018

    I decided to go with prehistoric animals. :D June 2018 Siggy I used RAWR! by Dae Designs.
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    Siggy Challenge - June 2018

    Hummm - I'll have to think about what kind of critter I want to put in my siggy. Great idea you have here Kiana!
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    June 2018

    I agree - Great quote!!
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    One Little Word - June 2018

    OK Z - how is this for a nonsensical word? LOL Gannah I used the free word art (Thank You Elizabeth!), and Love Of Family (not in store) both by Elizabeth's Market Cross.
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    June Camera Wrapping Challenge

    This is going to be fun.
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    VP #2 May 15 - May 31

    I was inspired by the daisies, the butterfly, and the nice spring flower photo on the bottom. Spring Flowers I used Daisies Are Such Happy Flowers Bundle by Carla's Treasures Designs.
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    May 2018 TTNRH

    I'm lovin' these pages! Here is mine. The Ugly Duckling I used We Are Family Element Pack, We Are Family Patterned Papers, and We Are Family Solid Papers all by Bubble's Bits.
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    May 2018

    This is my father. He never hesitated to do what might normally be known as *women's work* which set a wonderful example for my brothers and I. To me sharing responsibility for all the chores and caring for the children is a way for a father to love a mother (and vice-versa). And...if you can't...