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    Scrpncrzy count

    July 2013 variety challenge: 2pts
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    Variety Pack Challenge One: July 1-15 (ATC)
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    yabby count

    Yep you have 20 and are correct. Becki has taken over, so if you don't see a GC by mid next month send Crzysquaw a pm. :ninjalove:
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    Thankful life not just for November

    I sooo hubby always says I am not thankful enough and get frustrated at large stores, grocery stores, and Walmart with people. I ended up reading "The Secret" and learned alot about just being Thankful and that makes a huge difference in my mood and how others perceive me. I am...
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    Thankful life not just for November

    I am always reminded this time of year that I need to be more Thankful. I don't say Thank you enough to those that do something for me. I could say thank you a thousand times a day to those that do the little things for me. And maybe I should....My challenge for you is to be thankful in your...
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    Tracking for DJ

    Butting in **4**
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    sandie03 tracking July to Dec

    Total for Sept (butting in) 36!!!!
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    Gallery Standouts: October 12th - October 18th

    Come on ladies....this one I love!!!!!!!!!!
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    Is there a setting for instant notifactions of posts on gallery images?

    When uploading you can change Want to be notified by email when users post replies? no to yes under extra options but then you have to go back to your notifications in the control panel to get them by email daily or automatically.
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    Is there a setting for instant notifactions of posts on gallery images?

    At the top of this thread. (waayyy at the top-at work so I can't screen shot it) is an icon called "thread tools" it is a drop down menu. Click on it to open. Click on Subscribe to thread and it opens a new page. Notification type (drop down menu) chose daily email or immediate email. You...
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    OCT Variety challenge no. 1 ""Feed me Seymore""

    What ever you "cook" you can take pix of!!! Since I don't cook you might just get a picture of a menu from someplace. :multistars: Share the receipe and show off those cupcakes!!!!!!
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    OCT Variety challenge no. 1 ""Feed me Seymore""

    Crazy challenge this month. Find a cookbook (don't care where, use the web, use Amazon Kindle lots of free ones, or dig one out of the cupboard.) Make a new treat for your family, friends, neighbors......take lots of pictures and scrap a page about the process.....did it work? was it yummy...
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    Sept challenge one: Will someone tell me where summer went?

    I am totally missing August......I don't have kids so no back to school ramping up for me and my hubby. We are finally working on adoption paperwork.....:fairy: So for this challenge: Go leave love in the gallery!!!! I would love to see 10 new comments. I will give you two wrapper points...
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    Layout of the Week: August 17

    Darling page!!!! I love the simplicity of the design yet it still yells look at me!!!!!!