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    Good Morning 7-8-19

    Awe, that is so precious! They will be two peas in a pod then! :) Love it! Our littlest grandbaby is 3 now...time flies! I need a smile this morning and some serious coffee! lol ☕☕☕☕☕
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    Yep that is me too! But we did have a really hot sunshiny few days over the weekend stuff so I am not complaining too bad. I just need a nap during this ;)
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    We survived as well! We have had a crazy busy last 4 days though... My son graduated on Friday, then the next day we had visitation for my son-in-laws grandmother who passed on Thursday, then we had her funeral on Sunday, my grand son's b-day party on Monday as well as Memorial BBQ and
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    Wow, that is so crazy that they are already that big Lisa! where did the time go? I would love to play the piano, but sadly there are not many options for lessons around here. I had an old upright that I bought at goodwill one time that I was teaching myself to play on, but with no teacher I...
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    That is so cute! Yes, it was pretty here too! I have a ton of weeds to pull from one of my flower beds after all the rain...
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    LOL, well, poo...I hate I guess I will pass on that tidbit of info. LOL {Just my luck} So glad it is Wednesday and we are half way done this week! :D Hope you all have a great day and go leave some love in the gallery I saw some gorgeous layouts over there! ;)
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    NSD - Template Challenge

    These are so cool! Love to see what you ladies do for other hobbies! :)
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    NSD Bingo Game

    Congrats to the winners! :)
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    NSD Bingo Game

    DANG IT! I was busy and didn't check...but I had bingo right here!
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    Freebies Galore!

    Thank you Fran these are awesome! :)
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    Any Planner Babes here?

    Awe, thanks Tbear! I enjoy decorating it! LOL And sometimes it helps me get things done! lol
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    NSD - Template Challenge

    That is too cute! Great job!
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    Any Planner Babes here?

    I hope so! I created this fun set of digital planner stickers to match the wonderful Honoring Heroes Collab kit from the Plain Digital Design Team this month! Download here I used of few of them here on my planner page: Along with the Honoring Heroes Collab Kit! Find the kit here...
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    Thursday 5-2-19

    Same crazy weather here last night and today too! I am glad it seems to have stopped now at least. Hope you got more sleep than I did. lol