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    Sept.18: Respect, that is all I ask for

    Hmmmm, Air Force.... Here are some Air Force Cadets on their academy graduation day. Here are some making a video for "Sexy and I Know It." This guy doesn't say what branch of service he is in. It could be Air Force. This one is technically a Marine, but that's kind of...
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    April 4: Take 2 and call me in the morning

    Did you ever think that a parachute is made up of "perish" and "shoot"? Why would you want to jump out of a perfectly good plane with this thing? No, no one deserves domestic violence. Male or female, and yes, there are battered men out there.
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    April 2: Once Upon a Time

    The diaper motorcycle is too cute!
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    March 31: Orange you glad I didn't say Lemon

    If you love your children, don't let them play with bunsen burners. Or use the bunsen burners to light up the room, since all the lights are off. I need smilies. :lrabbitsmiley::smileybunny::kickme::scarey2: I'm having major Photoshop withdrawal today. I always get creative when I'm worked...
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    Feb. 7: Wave all your fingers!

    DD is madly in love with The Rock right now, so she will take this as an excuse to watch the Tooth Fairy tonight, since he runs around in a tutu. I will wave goodbye at food. Because I refuse to have to go buy new jeans. Were you aware that the HIV virus only survives on surfaces for a...
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    Feb. 5: Super Bowl Sunday!

    Sadly, a few days ago I had to look it up to see to who was playing because all the teams I have any interest in were eliminted. I'll go for Brady, since they're the ones who knocked out Tebow. I'm sorry, who does he play for again? My church annually has a big party called Soup or Bowl. They...
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    Feb 2: Errand Day

    I need to run a few errands too. I was looking forward to grocery shopping and dropping off both dead laptops at the computer geek today. However, my tax refund that was supposed to be deposited yesterday is not yet. My bank kindly informed me that they legally have 48-72 hours to post my IRS...
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    Feb 1: Hula in the Coola

    Well, not naked, but I did end up working in my underwear this morning. Of course, that had something to do with the nurse calling me at 6:45 am with patient drama right after I got out of the shower.... If I had seen this early, I would have declared it Freedom from Drama Day. Then I could...
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    Jan 31: Art Day!!!

    Yay for taxes. Mine should be coming in the next few days too. I vote for PDW Gallery art. Because I've learned the hard way that artistic is an Indian word that means "weird." Or sometimes it's a French word that means "naked."
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    Jan 26: Day of Encouragement

    Dr. Tracey Johnson just sent over an order for us to perform home nursing visits on Dr. Tracey Johnson. Bless her heart.
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    Jan 26: Day of Encouragement

    Toad Hollow is also the name of the company that makes little garden gnomes like the one in the commercials. Maybe you should be encouraged to travel or buy gnomes. It's also the name of a winery. Around here, we have a few people who have obviously been to a whinery. Maybe I can...
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    Jan 24: Your hair looks FABulous!

    Oh yeah, needing those cookies about now. The Director of Nursing went to lunch and didn't come back. Went in and found her office cleaned out. Time to start Another One Bites the Dust...
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    Jan 24: Your hair looks FABulous!

    Bless your soul is a new one for me. Bless Your Heart is an old Southern expression that means You're an Idiot. These chocolate peanut butter no bake cookies are our favorite. And now I have an excuse to make them. I always cut the oatmeal to about 2 1/4 cups. Works much better.
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    Jan 23: Please, sign here

    What they about medical staff's handwriting is all correct. They are the worst. Pie would be good, but it's too hot to bake one. It was 80 degrees here today. Which of course means no snow plows, either.
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    Jan 19: Blue Jean baby

    Kettle corn is good. Movie Theatre Butter popcorn is good. Peterbrooke Chocolate Covered Popcorn is the best. :) Our school collected aluminum cans and newspapers, but never tin cans. But they also accepted donated Green Stamps. My healthy weight, according to my doctor, is about 150. My...