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    Scraplift Challenge - July VP

    Ok, I'll play!
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    Chats cancelled till further notice :)

    Oh, she's just getting excited about joining us for chats. :) Take care Lisa!
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    Chat Feb 13

    downloaded template. It's been a day. I'll try to make the speed scrap, but I may purn into a tumpkin before then. :)
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    GSO Week of January 14 to 20, 2011

    thanks Becki!
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    Gso 1/07 - 1/13

    Oh wow! Thanks Lori!
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    October 2 Speed Scrap ...

    You think in typos? Oh good frief!
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    May 24, 2010

    Ok, I just love this one. Period. This one made me tear up. The shadowing on this one is just too cool. And I love the layers on this one. Ok, I'll quit hogging the thread now.
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    Seamless Patterns Tutorial

    Tess - at what point did it go white? I just went through it and mine stayed transparent. If you can tell me where it happens, maybe we can figure it out.
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    January 10, 2010

    I like these
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    Layout of the Week Dec. 2

    Aw, thank you! Wait a minute. You ate my LO?