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Give me space challenge is now up!


Welcome to this month’s “Give Me Space” Challenge!

As always, I AM thrilled to have you all join us here! Meeting new members and seeing everyone try something new is always fascinating to watch unfold – thank you for being here!

This month’s challenge:

March Requirements:

Please use the following kit in your design:

Check out the forum to see how you can get this kit for free!

Items in your layout:

– Please design whatever you feel is a “white space” or “minimalist” layout using the kit above. You MAY use a template from another designer.

– The ONLY requirement is that you use my “Lucky Clover” Kit.

– Your layout needs to be 80% of the kit above

– You CAN enter more than one design!

* IMPORTANT: IF you download the kit, it is required that you submit at least ONE layout in our awesome gallery here at PDW!

Have fun and make it YOURS! I can’t wait to see your designs! Please take a moment to share this challenge and invite your friends to join in…they must download the kit as an individual to join – please don’t share. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: Plain Digital Wrapper also has a “Point Program” when you participate in our Challenges. Please go here to read how to earn a FREE $5.00 Gift Card:

PDW Wrapper

Have fun and simply make it yours!

Here are a few amazing layout that have been submitted:











Come join us for some fun!


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