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Journal Me This

O-to the-M-to the G! Where did our year go? I am so at a loss for time these days! Hopefully we can get a few more pages scrapped before the world ends or the new year begins…which ever happens…hahaha!
Use at least one of these Queue’s to get you started, journal a memory, good or bad, or of anything you choose.
1. As the leaves change this season I have changed…{As the leaves change this season I have changed my way of looking at lots of things. Some people look great at first glance but then turn out the be awful once you know them, and some people appear to not be nice and then turn out to be great. I have learned not to judge a book by it’s cover.}
2. Crisp fall air makes we want to…{Crisp fall air makes me want to get outside and play in the leaves, make hot chocolate, make some chili, and bake some cookies with my kids.}
3. This year I am thankful for…{This year I am thankful for my kids and my grandbabies. Our newest grandbaby-Brooklynn joined us in June this year and we found out that Jacovie was a part of our family.}
4. Traditionally we celebrate…..{Traditionally we celebrate Thanksgiving two different times each year due to having so many in each family that we have one dinner at our house for my family and one dinner at his grannie’s house for his family.}
You can use pictures or not…the main focus is on the journaling and stories that are being preserved…It can be worded for your kids or for the public…ie: {first person or second} If I am journaling on my kids pages I tend to write in first person, so that the journaling as they read it, comes from me. So I don’t worry about using names like “Me on the front porch in June” instead of putting “Claudette on the front porch in June.”
Before you begin here are a few simple guidelines that must be met:
1) Use at least one item from a Plain Digital Wrapper designer
(can be any item including designer samplers/freebies)
2) Be a new layout created for the challenge
3) Only be entered in one challenge category
Don’t forget to post it in the gallery and place a link here so we can show some love!
This challenge will run from November 1-30th.

***Additional challenge****For those that can say they have scrapped at least one page for the Journal Me This Challenge every month this year there will be a bonus gift!****{You can go back and complete the ones you missed to catch up before the end of December!}



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