Sunday Shortcuts


I was creating a sign for a lesson that I plan on teaching today in church.  It was lacking something. I figured I would add a dotted line to the top and the bottom to make it pretty, and add emphasis.  I don’t have any dotted brushes handy, but they are super easy to make. Let’s get started:


In the Tools panel, choose your Brush Tool.


In the Control Panel, choose the Brush Panel Options.



The Brush Panel should pop up with several options you cam make to your brush.


I chose size 32 hard brush from the brush menu.



Under Brush Tip Shape, we are going to change the spacing to 200.


Create a new layer to apply the brush to, by using the shortcut CTRL Shift N (Mac: CMD Shift N)


Click on the layer where you want your line to start.


Holding the Shift key, draw a line the length you would like it.


Remember the Shift key keeps the line straight for you.


That was nice and simple and added the emphasis I needed for my quote:


I hope you all have a wonderful Easter

credits: Lisa Hanks tutorial, dotted line

quote: Dieter F. Uchtdorf

clipart: Laurie Furnell, Birds of a Feather

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