Shortcut Sunday


Well, by now you all know that I am an amazing photographer…… NOT.  I wish I was.  Oh well.  I have my shortcuts that help me out when I make some mistakes.  Today we are going to learn a bit about how to warm a photo.  Why would you need that?  Well, technically when you shoot in the shade, you tend to get more blue in the subjects than you really want.


Here is my sweet little hurricane as an example:


Isn’t she sweet?


Let’s start out with HOW to get to the warming filter.

Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Photo Filter


This will bring up a window with some choices.

We are going to choose the default Warming Filter (85).

You can change the Density percentage to your choice.

I left it at 25% for mine.



Click the arrow in the top right to close the extended window.

Now, using the shortcut for merging layers, Ctrl E (Mac: Cmd E), merge your layers.



Check out both of them side by side:


credits: tutorial and photo by Lisa Hanks

Kit: Biker Chick by Southern Creek Designs





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