Shortcut Sunday


First off, did you change your clocks for daylight savings time?  If you don’t do daylight savings time, count your blessings.  It has given me a headache today.


Now, we are working with photos again.  We traveled last week to a funeral and on the way, saw some beautiful sights.  I took some pics along the way.





So pretty!  However I wanted this in black and white to give a stronger effect.

Shortcut for changing to black and white is Ctrl Shift U (Mac: Cmd Shift U).

Now that looks ….. ehhhh.




With another quick shortcut we can go from ehhh, to AWWWWW!

Ctrl L brings up our levels panel (Mac: Cmd L)





This shows where our blacks, midtones, and highlights are.

We are going to move the sliders until they meet up with our black mountain area.





Watch your picture as you do it.

You will want to make some adjustments based on your own picture and taste.

This is what I now have:






Now that is AWWWWW!




Credits: Tutorial, picture, layout by Lisa Hanks

Kit: Walk in the Park by Southern Creek Designs



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