Shortcut Sunday


Whohooo! I have a couple of shortcuts put together for you today!


Today is about pictures. I would like to say that all my pictures turn out wonderful, and I never have to edit them.  That would, cough, cough, be a lie. For example, I have a cute little pic of my hurricane baby.  (Yes, I am the person in the background.)



As you can see, it is a little on the dark side.  There is a super quick easy way to fix that, using shortcuts!

  • First we are going to drag it onto a new layer. That way we won’t save over the original when we are through.
  • In the layers panel, make sure you are on the picture layer.
  • Duplicate the photo by using the shortcut Ctrl J (Mac: Cmd J)



  • Next, change the blending mode to Screen.




  • I changed the Fill to 83% so my picture wasn’t washed out.




Wow, what a difference!

Now you can merge the two photo layers by using the shortcut Ctrl E (Mac: Cmd E)


credits: photo, tutorial Lisa Hanks




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