Shortcut Sunday


Time for another Shortcut Sunday.  This isn’t a shortcut, it is about how to use a product.  How many of you have seen an overlay, and wondered how in the heck people use them?  It looks funky when you add it straight to your layout.  Well, there are a couple of fun ways to use overlays.



  • One of ways you can use these elements is by filling it with a color.
  • Drag the overlay onto your paper.



  • Using the color picker, choose the color you would like your overlay to be.
  • From the Menu Bar, choose Edit>Fill.



  • Make sure Preserve Transparency is checked.
  • Click OK.



Blending Mode:

There is another way to use Overlays.

  • In the Layers Panel there is a section called Blending Modes.
  • Verify that you have the overlay selected.
  • In the Layers Panel, change the blend mode to Overlay.



  • Your overlay has now changed to a slightly darker tone of the paper color.



  • Change the blend mode to achieve different effects with your overlays!

Credit: tutorial by Lisa Hanks

Overlays: Elegant Overlays by Southern Creek Designs






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