Shortcut Sunday


Did you know that you could speed up your scrapping process?  Really.  Yes, really.  I am not joking with you.  I used to think I needed to make the selection of my photo’s go quicker. Yes, that would help.  I also used to think that picking my items could go faster.  Well, it could.  Things really started picking up when I started learning how to use my keyboard shortcuts.  Yes, your keyboard has some shortcuts to help you pick up your tools faster.  SO, this year, we are going to cover them.  At first it will seem like it isn’t making anything go faster, but as time progresses it will flow naturally and you will be surprised at what time savers these are.


Today’s shortcut is one that we use often as scrapbookers.  The transform tool, Ctrl T (Mac: Cmd T)


Why we use this?  To quickly rotate objects on your layout.


Make sure you are on the layer you want to rotate.


Press Ctrl T (Mac: Cmd T) to bring up the transform squares on the object



Rotate your object to the desired angle.


Hit enter to accept the changes.


By rotating items such as flowers and buttons it will make your layout look more natural.


Try this shortcut and see if it speeds things up for you.


credits: picture, layout, tutorial by Lisa Hanks

Kit: Dawn is Breaking by Southern Creek Designs

Cluster: freebie clusters by Southern Creek Designs

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