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This post is part of a series on our blog that will introduce you to the designers and team members that work behind the scenes at Plain Digital Wrapper to make it a fun-loving, digi-family. We would love to get to know you better as well, so if you aren’t already hanging out with us in the forum, please take a moment to say good morning to us, introduce yourself, and find some inspiration from our many challenges!


This week we are getting to know Claudette, known around digiland as mrscwooddell. You can view Claudette’s gallery here.


Claudette has five kids and two step kids and has been married for 11 years “this go around”.


Claudette started scrapping when she was a kid after her mom bought her one of those huge 17×11 albums for her keepsakes.  In the 90’s she started rubber stamping and then began to use those in her scrapbooks.  She was a product rep for for Stampin’ Up for a while before moving over to Close To My Heart because she liked their products more. When Close to My  Heart added their scrapbook line in she said she was “TOTALLY hooked”.  Around 2002, she started printing hugware graphics to put in her scrapbooks and eventually figured out how to use Photoshop 7 to get rid of the backgrounds on the jpgs. She says this was what got her headed toward digital scrapbooking and once she figured out that she could save her pages and come back later to finish she hasn’t stopped. She currently scraps using Photoshop CS5.


Although she has only been with the Plain Digital Wrapper  CT for a few months now, she has quickly fit right into the PDW family and we are excited about the enthusiasm she brings to everything she does. She is also currently on the creative teams for Booland Designs and Kim Cameron Designs.


Claudette shared the following information:


Do you Hybrid Scrap? Yes, I hybrid scrap still, because after all that is how I started digital scrapping in the first place, I guess I was hybrid before it was cool.  I made an accordion baby album last week, and am in the middle of making another word album for my hubby that says dad. (Yes I know we passed father’s day already, but I can’t work on it when he is there all the time….lol)


What was your favorite childhood toy or game? My favorite childhood toy was my Barbies, they even inspired me to sew, so that I could make even cooler clothes and house stuff.


If you could relive a day from your past, what would it be? If I could relive a day from my past it would be one of the days before my dad passed away, I miss him so much, and I wish that he could have been here to see my twins and now to see our grandbaby.  He would have loved them. And by the same token, my kids and even my step kids would have loved him.  You can never have enough positive influences in your life.


What are your hobbies or pastimes? My other hobbies besides scrapping and stalking Plain Digital Wrapper are cross stitch, Photography, Rubber Stamping, Sewing, and Drawing.


If you were a superhero – what would your “power” be and why? If I could have a super power it would have to be “Mind Reading” after having 4 teenagers in the house at once, it would have been very handy to know what was “REALLY” going on.


Were you named after anyone? If so, who? I was named after my great grandfather, sort of, the doctors told my mom she was having a boy, so they only picked out a boy name…then I showed up and they realized the doctors were wrong.  So Instead of William Claude, I was dubbed, with Claudette…and my brother eventually got the William Claude name three years later.  But don’t call either of us Claude, because we don’t like it.


Do you sing in the shower/car? I not only sing in the car I have the whole stage act going on!  I turn it as loud as it will go too so that I can’t hear myself sing…lol


What is your weakness? My weakness is food, and shopping for cool computer stuff…lol


Are you ticklish? Where? I am only ticklish when I want to be, unless it is my feet, and I can’t be blamed for kicking you if you go there.


Wii, Playstation, X-box or No, thank you? I love the Wii fitness games.  My favorite is the Hula Hoop game! I am the reigning champ on that one.  I need to get up and play it more often so my avatar on there will get thinner.


What inspires you as a scrapbooker? For scrapping inspiration I look at other people pages, I love to get ideas from lots of different pages, sometime magazine ads will catch my attention and sometimes I will notice something random and be inspired to scrap.


What PDW designer inspires you the most? What is it you relate to about her designs? One of my favorite designers at Plain Digital Wrapper…OMG I have to pick one? Wow, I am in love with KimEric Kreations, I love the way all her kits look and feel.  I am a BIG fan of real looking elements and papers and Kim has TONS of those in her kits.  And there are several others here that are just fabulous as well.


What is your least favorite and most favorite part of digiscrapping? My most favorite part of digital scrapbooking is the fact that it is quick, I don’t have to spend hours digging my stuff out, and putting it all away.  If I have 15 minutes I can power it up play a bit and save and come back when I have more time.  My least favorite part of digital scrapping is I wish I had an endless supply of ink and paper so I could print every page as soon as I was done with it.  I sometimes need that gratification.


What can be found on most of your pages? One element I have to have is flowers; I can make a whole page with flowers. Love gardening so flowers are a must.


What subject(s) do you scrap most? My most scrapped subject is my kids, and now my grandson too.  My daughter {11 years old} is even getting jealous because I have been scrapping the grandbaby so much…lol


How many pages do you usually do from one kit? What is the most pages you have ever done from a single kit? I usually make 2 pages from each kit, not always though.  The most pages I have done from a single kit was 20, and it wasn’t really a big kit either, just very versatile.


What advice would you give to a new digital scrapbooker? To all the new digi-scrappers out there, my best advice is keep trying.  Watch videos and learn new techniques.  I promise you will NEVER know it all.


How would you describe your scrapbooking style? I would have to call my style eclectic, because I get inspiration from so many things.  I will try anything once…


Do you print your layouts? I print my layouts on my wide format printer at home.  I have several 12×12 albums, a few 9×9 albums, some 8×8 albums, some 6×6 albums, some 11×8.5 albums, some 8.5×11 albums, some 4×6 albums and a 5×7 album.  {Well, I have been at this for a while.}


Why do you scrap? The one main reason I scrap is because in researching our family tree for the last 9 years, the one thing that is mostly missing, is the stories…it isn’t enough to see great pictures of my family years ago, I want to know where they were when it was taken, why were they there, who took the picture, and mostly who is in the photo, gosh I have a stack of photos that NO one knows who they are, but they kept them and passed them down.  Just some nameless person in my tree who is waiting to have their story told.

Some of Claudette’s favorite pages “of the moment” include:


Jake and his belly button:  He recently discovered he has a belly button and I get such a kick out of him trying to raise his shirt to see it if you ask him where his belly button is…

Created using Pool Party Kit by Kim Cameron Designs.


Jake luvs pawpaw and the coordinating page, Jake’s Birthday Nap: One of my favorites because of the colors and fun elements.  I think it is one of the simplest pages I have made recently but it has an ATC feel to it to me, and I used to love making those…lol

Ten Tiny Fingers ELements, Solid Papers, Patterned Papers, and Word Papers by Tracy King.


Almost Gone: is one of my favorites because it took me a while to be able to even look at these pictures and it was very difficult to scrap this memory.  I think the bright colors and playfulness of the kit lighten the dread and gloom of the subject…it gives it a brighter side, and he is almost all better now, after 4.5 years of surgeries and doctors offices.

Created with Bumps and Bruises Collab kit from Daisies & Dimples.


Discovery Science Place Pages are my favorites because of the fact that I got so many photos on one page and it actually is interesting.  I LOVE the kit that I used and the sketch I created to use on it.  Amoung my part time jobs  is freelance photographer so my kids get stuck hanging out and waiting for me to shoot a scene, but in this case they were actually eager to hang out at the Discovery Science Place.  There were tons of things to look at and play with, and they got in for free…

Created with In the Moment by KimEric Kreations.


And if I have to stop here then I pick this recent page for my badge album brag book swap.  I just love watching my grandson, Jake as he explores his world.  Everything is so fascinating and interesting to him.  He has to put his fingers on it or in it and it is uber cute to watch!

Created using the Plain Digital Wrapper Brag Book Challenge Freebies for June 2011.


In addition to being on the Creative Team, Claudette also is part of our Unwrapped Team, the team that creates the awesome gifts we hand out on the blog, in the forum and on Facebook, and has also agreed to start hosting a journal challenge here at Plain Digital Wrapper starting next month.


Happy scrapping and memory capturing!




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