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    Default April 27: Tree Day!

    Arbor Day: This is the day where I encourage you to go plant a tree! SO go plant a tree. Or maybe you could get Xandra's really cute Extraordinary Green kit

    Babe Ruth Day: How sweet, they have a day for the candy bar! (cough cough) Here is more information on the man.

    Mantanza's Mule Day: Wow, not just celebrating a normal type of mule.... it must be a show mule...

    Morse Code Day: It is a good thing that I have not been in a situation that needed this. I am pretty sure I would not make it through.

    Oh, and guess what.... it's

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    TGIF!!!! And since I am married to a tree hugger, we gotta go plant a tree.

    Have a good Friday everyone!

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    Cool we can plant the avocado seeds we have They will become trees! lol
    I love Alexandra's Extraordinary Year -Green Kit its gorgeous! ANd I would get way less
    Wow, Morse Code day of my many talents reserved from the Don't have any use for it now though. I wonder if I sent morse code messages to my kids if they would read them? lol
    oh well, I am thrilled it is Friday finally...this has been a long week and way too much stress for one woman to handle. I need a beach and a pina colada...

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